12 Top entrepreneur ideas

1- Photography

<img class=” wp-image-1761 alignleft” src=”http://www.trendbusinessideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/PHPTPGRAPY.jpg” alt=”PHPTPGRAPY” width=”192″ height=”126″ />For kids who love to be behind the camera, photography may be a great way to earn some extra money. Budding photographers can license their work online by setting up accounts with iStock, Getty Images, Flickr, Dreamstime and other photo-sharing platforms. Or, they can make prints of pictures and use them on greeting cards, posters or note cards along with an engaging story, poem or other bit of prose to go along with the image.

2- Pimp my Ride

In this case, a “ride” is probably going to be a skateboard, pair of rollerblades or dirt bike, but the [niche] market still exists. A child with artistic abilities can leverage that imagination in a number of ways. Marketing and charging a fee for providing everything from doodles to full-blown inked illustrations on skateboards, skates and other personal property.

3- Doggie Treats

If a kid doesn’t want to go the traditional chocolate chip cookie route, have him consider a doggie treat business. There are plenty of recipes available right online for dog bones, doggie cookies and other treats, along with the supplies needed to make a doggie treat business profitable and professional.


4- Non-profit Work

Part of the beauty of childhood is its idealism. When you’re young, you are fully convinced you can take on the whole world. Teach your child to tap into that fire by encouraging her to get involved in a cause that she is passionate about. Most non-profits are run based on donations. Kids can learn fund raising resource allocation by working closely with a nonprofit… or even by starting their own.

5- Problem Solving

For every problem there is a solution waiting to be found. The ability to identify problems and provide solutions to those problems is the core of marketability, whether in the job market or as an entrepreneur. Work with your kids to develop the habit of identifying problems. Together you can brainstorm ideas to find the best way to solve a problem. Once a solution is identified, figure out ways that solution can meet other needs and voids in a range of different markets. Good solutions are entrepreneurial opportunities.

6- Online Store

With a web presence and a Paypal account, just about anyone can open an online store. Kids can find easy ways to set up websites and use social media to market comic books, clothes, pet toys, doggie treats, or whatever else can be bought and sold.

7- How-To Videos

How-To videos are fun to watch and usually pretty engaging. When a child has a particular talent, hobby or passion, it’s actually fun for them to show others how to do it. Build a website that focuses on a particular activity and provide the how-to video for free to subscribers who opt-in to mailing lists. By promoting similar quality products (affiliate products), kids can earn extra income by talking about and doing what they love and probably would spend their time doing anyway for free.

8-Garage Sales

We talked earlier about found items. There are probably enough items around the house that aren’t being used to have regularly-scheduled weekend garage sales. Kids don’t have to go far and they can acquire their inventory from deals they find at the local thrift store or even at other garage sales. As the kid gets the knack of running garage sales, he or she can extend their garage sale service to neighbors in the area and take a percentage of the total sales.

9- Invent Something

Whether it’s a retractable stick to turn off the bedroom light at night after reading, or a contraption that keeps Lucky in the bathtub when it’s time for his weekly bath, kids are masters of invention. They imagine and re-imagine all kinds of household items. Help them to cultivate that creativity. Later, when they stumble onto something good, it may be time to look at patenting, mass producing and selling the invention.

10- Out of the Mouths of Babes

Despite their relative inexperience with life, kids have a way of getting to the meat of an issue and offering their spin of simple wisdom that can both inspire and enrich life. Help them to turn their marvelous insights into cash by starting line of products – coffee mugs, t-shirts, note cards, etc. – that contain inspirational quotes.

11- The Art Collector

Kids can collect art work from siblings, friends, cousins and even a few pieces they created themselves. Frame every piece and sell them locally at art shows, festivals, open air markets, garage sales and even online. Pay the original artist for their hard work and they will be inspired to produce more great work to sell.

12- Clothing Swap

Have a well-connected teen rally the teen community and start a clothing swap where group members can come to exchange clothes with other members of the group. Charge a membership fee or a service fee per swapping session.







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