30 Content Marketing Ideas For Your Website

With almost nine out of 10 companies now using some form of content marketing to attract leads, just try to visualize the sheer volume of content that needs to be produced on a daily basis.

Following is a list of 30 content marketing tips you can use to ensure you’re never without a great idea again. Some of these you’ll have heard before, but there are likely to be some you’ve never thought of.

Please be sure to leave your own ideas at the end of this post!

1. Write a blog post but don’t finish it: Ask your readers to finish it for you in the comments or via an email submission (contest, anyone?)

2. Compile a list of inspirational or motivational quotes your readers would enjoy.

3. Create a blog post that lists all the most useful articles or resources on a particular topic (not just your own).

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4. Make a video where you recount something that’s happened to you; it doesn’t even have to relate to your business. Sometimes your readers just want to be able to relate to you in a humanized sense!

5. Go through your old, outdated, potentially Penguin and Panda-penalized content and improve it: Combine short pieces into longer, more “meaty” content, or get ride of poor-quality content altogether.
6. Write a post listing and linking to all your articles on a particular topic or theme. This is great for SEO and for increasing readers’ time-on-site.

7. Create landmark articles that act as an ultimate resource or guide about particular topics.

8. Plan to incorporate content curation into your marketing mix. For best results in terms of SEO, be sure to add your own ideas and thoughts to the content you’re curating.

9. Create a blog post that includes an excerpt of your eBook; then encourage your readers to download the rest.

10. Try using Quora to find questions people are asking in your niche or industry.

11. Compile Top 10 resource lists for your niche: Top 10 blogs; top 10 companies; top 10 tools, etc.

12. Create a ‘hack’ post: A list of workarounds for a common problem or issue in your niche.

13. Write a blog post about a conversation that’s taking place on social media: For instance, if your Facebook fans are having a particularly lively debate, write a post summarizing the main arguments and offering a solution or answer.

14. Put your URL or website name on all the original photos you use on your blog; this way, if they get pinned or shared, you’ll be sure to retain credit.

15. Take some time to learn about user-focused content strategies; it will pay off big time in the long term.

16. Create at least one info product (such as an eBook) you can publish on your website to grow your email list.

17. Dig down to find relevant sub-topics your visitors will want to read about: Choose a general topic and then commit to coming up with at least five to 10 subtopics related to that theme.

18. Create a beginner’s guide with helpful, actionable information and tips.
19. Write a blog post about a popular movie, relating it to your specific audience or industry.

20. Write a post inspired by a comment left on your blog (the more controversial, the better).

21. Write about a hypothetical situation, and ask your visitors what they do in the same situation.

22. Review a recent book that would be relevant to your audience.

23. Look through your analytics to see your top three blog posts, then write a follow up post for each one.

24. Contact three key figures in your industry to talk about opportunities for cross promoting content via your email lists, guest posts and social media sharing.

25. Recycle some of your old newsletters by turning them into blog posts.

26. Recycle some of your old blog posts by turning them into newsletter content.

27. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator to find new ideas and headlines for your next blog post.

28. Contact leaders in your field and have them answer a question: Take all the answers and turn them into one awesome blog post.

29. Do a poll or survey of your audience and publish a post with your findings.

30. Ask your readers, subscribers and social media followers to submit videos, ideas, or images: Choose the best ones and create blog content around them.





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