4 Hot Small Business Ideas for 2016

<strong>4 Hot Small Business Ideas for 2016-Not every new business is a startup. Startup businesses are designed to explode out of the starting gate and grow fast, raking in piles of cash as quickly as possible. Most entrepreneurs will never have a successful startup company. However, there are several tried and true methods for starting small businesses that will grow on a steady incline and have much more stability and longevity than most startup companies.

It should go without saying that there are certain schooling requirements to become an accountant, however it is one of the best businesses to begin if you do have the education for it. It requires very little overhead, and it’s possible to do from a home office. Once a clientele is built up, you should stay as busy as you would like to be and collect your pay on a regular basis without worrying about accumulating larger bills to pay as your profit margin and business grows.

1-Erands: Freelance errand running is starting to catch on. You have a huge variety in things that you can do in this occupation. You could work for multiple clients within a day, depending on how you are able to work your scheduling. If you are a master at multi-tasking, you may be able to combine errands into a route of sorts to work throughout a day as you build your clientele. You may be hired to pick up dry-cleaning for one customer, fetch drugstore items for another, you may even purchase and deliver groceries for clients. Your errand list might even include some businesses, with something as simple as bringing their shift lunch from a restaurant that doesn’t offer delivery. The best part is that you can set your own hours and schedule in your own errands among everyone else’s.


2-Green Consultant: Make green by helping others go green. Educate yourself and become an expert on ways to make life more green for everyone. For some you might evaluate their home to find out where they are losing energy or how to gain green energy. You might be helping some people to find ways to combine errands to save time, gas, and money while reducing their carbon footprint. For others, you may end up searching in the waste bins of a business to find out what they are tossing out that they could be recycling or reusing. You may also find ways for businesses to consolidate shipments, reducing the overall number of truck shipments traveling to the business. There’s many people and businesses who could benefit from a Green Consultant.


3-Web Sales: People love to shop online, and they could be buying from you. You could be reselling items on eBay or you could setup your own web store on your website. There are several places online that will even give you a catalog with photos that you are able to use and will drop ship direct from their warehouses; all you have to do is collect the money and type in the address for it to be shipped to. Of course, that might not be at all what you had in mind if you have a current product to sell and ship yourself. Also, hand crafted items from places like Etsy are also very popular.


4-If there’s one thing people all have in common, it’s that there is an absolute need to eat. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in an entire restaurant, though. Sometimes even small standalone food carts are the best way to go. They are portable, with low overhead, easily run alone or with minimal staffing, and most often are booked in advance. Whether it’s shaved ice, funnel cakes, or mini donuts, these small booth items tend to sell themselves just by being present.

Of course there is the entire restaurant, which has substantially more overhead, so the turnaround will be much slower. However, as you establish yourself and your reputation grows, it’s certain that you will see the profit margin increase over time.



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