5 Business Ideas Without Investment

<p style=”text-align: center;”>5 Business Ideas Without Investment


Are you a sociable person?

New bars, pubs, discos and clubs desire to customers or to expand their clientele to come from your hand to increase local sales and make it a distinguished place.

For a job well done in this sector, given incentives and if, because of how well it has been the business, if they decide to expand or open another location, you will have the No. 1 to be the manager or director of the former or ask your qu services ehagas the same job with the new location.


Companies with temporary backlogs and fear of hiring someone indefinitely. Is the profile of a company looking for someone who will take part-time payroll of the month, to make contracts in any personal or private sale.

Two hours of this company, two in another, an hour in a third release, results later this month in a salary rather than conditions. By the way you keep active in the labor market and you’re making a gap between many companies. As has become our motto, “after a job well done, get the benefits”.


Some relatives of mine were going to make a trip to Thailand and a couple of his friends recommended them to a man who knew every inch of that beautiful city.

If you live in a city and know it well, you’re the ideal person for many foreigners, because you can lead them to museums, exhibitions, the streets are nicer, the most dangerous, best restaurants, where they should not smell the food, conflict zones and information from local councils, location of banks that may change its currency, etc …


If you love humor and I enjoy working with seniors and children, earn money with it. Children’s camps, constantly need to encourage people to stay and that they intend to fun games, age-appropriate. Adaptation will greatly influence your group and your future will depend on the references. So be strong.


Inform public school, private, charter, those who have better academic level, where they have to apply for aid or entry. And if you do not have time due to the move or work, give him the Distinguished Service solucionarles and provide the necessary paperwork so you do not have to waste time and are well advised.


If you love the picture, now comes the good weather. Date of weddings, baptisms and communions. To make matters worse, the work continues to cover much of the time people, which means that sometimes do not have time even to go to the hairdresser or the manucura done, etc…

So you need to you, as someone who offers a distinguished competition, which includes a schedule after hours and weekends, and to not have to travel or lose time you can count on the same Sunday communion or wedding. How much is that worth?






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