8 online business ideas

<strong>1-Online Sewing Workshops

eSewing Workshop is a website that offers online sewing workshops for beginners who want to learn sewing from scratch or for experts who want to improve their skills.  For a subscription fee, members are allowed access to online learning videos that teach them the skill they need to master.


If you are an experienced seamstress, you can launch sewing courses online that cover a variety of topics, such as, sewing basics, pattern making, embroidery, alterations, etc.  You can offer access to all your online videos for a monthly subscription fee or you could conduct classes with different modules that are delivered weekly to the participant.

2-Online Family Therapist

Thelma Costello is an experienced therapist who offers counseling for individuals, couples and families online through Skype, and thereby caters to a larger client base.


If you are a licensed therapist, you can broaden your reach by offering therapy sessions online.  You could target a particular problem area such as depression, addiction, stress or cater to a particular set of people such as kids, teenagers, parents, couples, etc.

3-Professional Organizer

Get Organized Now is a website dedicated to help people organize their homes and offices.  It offers tons of tips, ideas, checklists, articles, e-courses and slideshows to help people live an organized life.


As a professional organizer, you can offer your expertise through books, courses, videos and articles targeting specific areas that need to be organized.  You can go one step further and offer your services as a consultant to help get client’s homes and offices in order.

4-Herb Store

Bulk Herb Store is a one stop shop for everything related to herbs.  It is a family run business that sells quality herbs and their own homemade concoctions online.


This is a viable business idea for someone who has in depth knowledge of herbs and their uses.  You can establish your herb store online and offer door delivery along with customized herbal delivery advice.

5-Deals and Coupons Site

Coupon Mom belongs to a lady who who established an entire business by sharing deals and coupons to help people save money on groceries.  A deal and coupon site will attract a lot of visitors, and that traffic can be monetized to build the business.


You can start a website that shares deals and coupons specific to the area you use reside in.  You could also delineate it based on specific categories such as, organic food, household items, gadgets, holidays, etc.

6-Online Meal Planner

Plan to Eat is an online meal planner that helps customers plan their meals, organize their recipes and create a grocery list based on their meal plan.


You could streamline meal planning and offer meals customized for people on a particular diet – gluten free, dairy free, diabetic, paleo, vegetarian, etc.

7-Online Cooking Classes

Gnowfglins is an online cooking academy of sorts that offers courses to teach participants the basics of cooking with real food.  They offer clients multimedia training material on various topics in exchange for a subscription fee.


Depending on your cooking expertise, you could offer cooking classes targeting a specific age group.  For example, salad making with smaller kids, gourmet cooking with homemakers, party food with teenagers, etc.

8-Transcription Service

Digital Sermon Transcription is a website dedicated to transcribing Christian sermons that are available as audio files.  Their premise is that while people may not listen to a 30 minute sermon, they will spend a few minutes reading the text version of it.


People who are proficient in English can offer to transcribe audio files or create subtitles for videos.  You can narrow your transcription service to focus on podcasts, conferences, etc.


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