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<a href=””>business ideas appApps are taking over the world! If you have a propensity for Web development, enough skill to work in various platforms (iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc.), it’s time to mine the app craze.

Overhead: $2500-$5000

Many companies now exist that will take your amazing smartphone application idea and develop it into a real, sellable app for download. Upfront costs include a development period where they will work with you to best design the application. Most of these companies charge from $999-$2000 and many keep partial ownership of the application as the developer. But you are also gaining entry into a highly technical marketplace.

Recurring expenses: Ongoing marketing and spreading the news about your app will be your greatest time and money expenditure. You might consider hiring PR or marketing company familiar with getting new apps reviewed. Make sure that your app is included on the relevant blogs and news outlets who report on new apps.

Time/energy requirement: Not very much if you have the next killer app idea. Filling out some forms and conceptualizing how the app will work is the hard part. Making sure the build does what you envisioned will be the second. Outside of that, the marketing effort and telling everyone you know about your app will be imperative.

Income potential: Varies wildly. But, if you have an app priced at $1.99 and 10,000 people download it, you can always spend the $2500 and start another one. However, even joke apps have sold hundreds of thousands, so it is worth the shot.



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