Best 10 Sports Business Ideas

<strong>Best 10 Sports Business Ideas

Business ideasStarting a sports business won’t just be good for your bank account, but it could do wonders for your health.

1. Running Sports Leagues

  • How to Run Great Recreational Sports Leagues
  • How to Start a Basketball League
  • Starting your own Sports League Business
  • How to Start a Youth Sports League

2. Organizing Sports Camps for Kids

  • Very Detailed Info on Running a Youth Basketball Camp
  • 9 Essentials for Planning a Basketball Camp


3. Sports Coach/ Sports Instructor

  • How to Become a Sports Coach
  • Athletic Coach – Career Information
  • Sports Coach – Job Description
  • What Makes a Good Coach?

4. Starting a Sports Fan or Apparel Online Business

  • How to Start a Licensed Sports Apparel Business
  • Starting a Sports Merchandise Store (online & offline)
  • How to get into the Sport Clothing Business
  • Sports Apparel Store Business Plan (Sample)

5. Doing Sports Marketing or Sponsoring

  • What is Sports Marketing?
  • 8 Ways to get a Sponsorship Deal off the Ground
  • How to do Market Research for Sports Sponsorship Deals
  • Sports Marketing: Forget the NFL, try Ultimate Fighting
  • The Outlook for the Global Sports Market to 2018
  • Success Story: Taking Sports Marketing from Passion to Pocketbook

6. Managing Athletes

  • How to be a Sports Agent
  • What do you need to Start a Sports Agency?
  • How to be a Great Sports Agent

7. Personal Fitness Coach

  • How to Become a Fitness Coach
  • How to Become a Personal Trainer
  • Job Description – Fitness Instructor
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America – Becoming a Personal Trainer

8. Starting a Sports Equipment Business

  • How to Start a Retail Sporting Goods Business
  • How to Start a Sporting Goods Retail Business
  • How to Start a Sporting Goods Business
  • How to Start Selling Sporting Equipment
  • Start a Sports Equipment Business (Business Plan)


9. Organizing Sports Tours

  • How to Develop a Tourism Business (General)
  • How to Organize a Sports Tour
  • Business Overview: Canoe and Kayak Tours
  • Business Overview: Snorkel Tours

 10. Starting a Gymnastics/ Yoga/ Martial Arts Business

  • How to Open a Gymnastics Club
  • How to Start a Yoga Business
  • 14 Tips for Starting your own Yoga Business
  • 10 Things to Consider when Starting a Yoga Business
  • Business Overview: Martial Arts
  • How to Start a Martial Arts Business
  • How to Build a Martial Arts Business


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