Best Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

<b>gift1-Maptote Mini Tote
If you and your pal have traveled together, see if you can find one of your fave cities on It’ll remind her of your fun girls trip even if these days she’s sticking closer to home.

Maptote Mini Tote from, $20


2-Music Branches
You and your pal share the same taste in music? Share this—a cute, branch-y audio splitter will let you both rock out together on a walk or over a cup of coffee. She can use it with her kids too!

Tree-t for Your Ears Headphone Splitter from


3-Pixie Dusting
Who else but your girlfriend would buy you a shimmering scent inspired by Tinkerbelle? Made of citrus sorbet, candied fruits and summer rain, it’s a light and sweet fragrance—and something fun she’d never buy for herself.

Pixie Dust, $24.50 at


4-Precious Jewels
The beautiful (and affordable!) jewelry at 1928 Jewelry just got personal. Upload a photo of her kiddo to be set in this toggle necklace, and you know she’ll keep it close to her heart.

Silver Crystal Toggle Necklace, $31 at


5-State Pride
Know a mom who’s a California Girl or who loves her home state? These state necklaces are cut from recycled metal and make a great conversation piece.

State Pride Necklaces, $48 at


6-Monkey Bottle Caddy
She might be drowning in Matchbox cars these days, but she’s still the gal who loves her glass (or two) of vino. To jazz up a less than award-winning bottle of wine, try the Wine Monkey—the funniest way to present her with a Chianti.

Wine Monkey from, $9.99

7-Celebrations Candle
Candles are always a nice gift, but think of a silly inside joke or message to customize this lasts-forever two-wick Celebration Candle, and your gift will stand out from the rest. Pick out the color, icon and ink color, too; the ivory ceramic tray is included.

Celebration Candle from, $8.99

8-PB&J Pillow Set
If the two of you just go together like, you know, peanut butter and jelly, she’ll get a kick out of these funky pillows, perfect for adding a playful touch to the family room.

Made for Eachother Pillow Set from, $55



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