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Places To Visit In The United States

Gaylord Michigan – A small town where almost everyone knows each other, Gaylord is an “Alpine Village” where the host an annual festival in July called Alpenfest. Gaylord also sports camping, world class golfing, and seasonal mushroom hunting

Virginia Highlands – A small neighborhood in Northeast Atlanta, the Virginia Highlands is a haven of charm and hospitality in the booming metropolis that is Atlanta. Make sure to visit on of the largest art museums in the south, The High Museum of Art.

Horse Riding In Gatlinburg TN – Surrounded by mountains, Gatlinburg TN is a great place to go explore the outdoors, but by far Horseback riding is one of the main attractions. Give the whole family the outdoor experience of their lives for around $20 a person.

Canoe Trip In The Duck River – The Duck River is a great place to have a great outdoors experience and get a solid workout at the same time. Fun and affordable for all ages.

Interesting Places To Visit In NC – North Carolina is a beautiful state with many attractions. From beaches to mountains, amazing golfing, and even railroad rides, a great choice for everyone.

Places To Visit In New Hampshire – New Hampshire is a great choice for history buffs of all kinds. With everythin from Historical locations, to museums, New Hampshire is a great place to learn about the past.

Places To Visit In Dominican Republic – Truly a tropical paradise, the Dominican Republic has some of the most amazing beaches. Along with museums and historical sites of the native Taino people there is also a museum dedicated to Columbus.

Non Amusement Park Places to Visit in Orlando Florida – Orlando, containing both natural and man-made wonders. Make sure to explore the adventure filled Everglades as well as check out some of the man-made sites like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and the Orlando Science Center.

Popular Places to Visit in Florida – From theme parks to The Kennedy Space Center, Florida containts some amazing places to adventure. Don’t forget about the amazing coastline and waters.

Exciting Places to Visit in Missouri – Missouri containts fun for the whole family. History buffs to outdoors lovers will all find fun and excitement here.

Best Places to Visit in Hawaii – Romance abound, Hawaii is an island paradise with world class beaches, volcanoes, and vibrant rainforests. If your looking for fun in the sun you have found your destination.

Places to Visit in Pensacola Florida – Home to some of the first settlements in America, Pensacola has a rich historical past. Also be sure to check out the rich Military history.

Places to Visit in Arizona – Home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona provides a glimpse at an amazing desert landscape. Make sure to check out the museums and old Spanish Missions.

Places to Visit in Orlando Florida – Shopping and amusement parks abound, Orlanda provides fun for the whole family. Make sure to check out the amazing water parks.

Places to Visit in Louisiana – Luisiana is a place full of culture. Visit historical New Orleans and see the biggest Mardi Gras party or visit one of the most haunted places in the United States at the Myrtle Plantation.

Places to Visit in Canada – Our northern neighbors have much to offer, from Niagra falls to Quebec’s Old Town with its cobblestone walkways and 17th century architectural pieces. Canada has both natural beauty and friendly cities.

More Places to Visit in Canada – When in Canada, make sure to visit the West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in the entire world. If shopping is not your thing Canada also has many natural wonders to experience.

Places to Visit in Rhode Island – The smallest U.S. State but still full of fun and adventure, Rhode Island is a must for anyone who likes having a good time. Take a ride on a riverboat, or perhaps a handcarved carousel. Maybe even stop and see some of the most exotic animals in the world. Rhode Island is fun for all ages.

Places to Visit in Columbus Ohio – Visit Columbus Ohio, one of the faster growing cities in the area and home to the largest college campus in the United States. With many historical landmarks, an amazing zoo, and the home of the Ohio State Fair, Columbus is not to be missed.

Places to Visit in Mexico – Explorer ancient ruins, beautiful beaches and an amazing nightlife. If your looking for fun and excitement Mexico is a great choice.

Places to Visit in Jamaica Great music, beaches, and waterfalls. Jamaica is an unforgettable trip for anyone who isn’t afraid of a little sun, water, and beauty.

Places to Visit in Ohio – Come see science in action, Ohio has both amazing museums and record-breaking roller coasters. Whether your interested in the theory of science or the application. Ohio will be a fun experience for all.

Fort Pillow Tennessee – Historic Park, Conversation, and site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War. Fort Pillow Tennessee is a great place to learn about American History.

Places to Visit in Pennsylvania – If your looking for to step into older, simpler times, taste amazing food, or even more amazing desserts, Pennsylvania is the perfect choice. Visit historical mills, historic churches, wineries, and even amusement parks, but most important, have fun!

Places to Visit in Tennessee – Home of some of the greatest american music, Tennessee has been home to artists like Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, and B.B. King. Tennessee also has fun for racing fans of all ages, from Go Karts to Nascar Tracks.

Places to Visit in Minnesota – Minnesota is fun for all who visit it. Home of the Mall of America, one of the United States largest malls, and also containing great outdoors adventures like Lake Superior, or Chippewa National Forest.

Best Places To Visit Near Mount Rushmore – The majesty of Mount Rushmore is not all that the area has to offer. Surrounded by national parks, memorials, and a rich gold mining heritage, the areas around Mount Rushmore are almost as big of an attraction as the landmark itself.

Places To Visit In Oregon – Oregon is full of wonderful outdoor experiences, from its beautiful Pacific beaches to Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America. Make sure to bring your hiking boots and an appetite for adventure when exploring this fantastic scenery.

Places To Visit In Georgia – Come visit Georgia and escape the big city life, go fishing or take the family tubing down the Chattahoochee River. Perhaps you would rather visit Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia, and take in some live music or college football. Georgia has fun, excitement, and entertainment for the whole family.

Best Places To Visit In Maine – Maine, with its terrific seafood and untouched wilderness has fun for the whole family. Make sure to check out some of its many amusement parks and spend a fun filled day with the kids.

Places To Visit With Little Children In Oklahoma – Oklahoma has tons of activities for parents and kids alike. While there make sure to visit some of the museums and zoos, such as the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum. Of course if your looking for a little more action you can always go visit some of Oklahomas wonderful amusement parks as well, such as White Water Bay, or for the smaller ones Kiddie Park in Bartlesville.

Places To Visit In Blue Bell Pa – Visit Blue Bell PA and take joy in some of the simpler things in life. Whether visiting the historic business, or taking in some of the great golf available, no one leaves unsatisfied.

Places To Visit In Nevada And San Diego – Nevada and San Diego have some amazing adventures in store for anyone that visits them. Perhaps you will visit Las Vegas, where the party never stops and the stories never leave. Maybe you would like to visit one of the finest zoological collections in the world, The San Diego Zoo. whatever your looking for these places have more than enough to fill your vacation with fun.

Places To Visit At Donner Lake – Despite its gruesome place in American history as the site of the Donner Party Story, Donner Lake is a resort for the whole family. Outdoor fun including hiking, swimming, and fishing are all possibilities, as well as glider rides departing from the Truckee Tahoe Airport.

What Are Some Interesting Places To Visit In Kansas – While deep in America’s heartland, make sure to take in all the sights of Kansas. Including The Wizard of Oz Museum, a strong native american history, and the chance to see an SR-71 Blackbird, Kansas is one stop you will have to make sure not to miss.

Places to Visit in Chicago – The “Windy City” has plenty of sights for everyone to see. Baseball lovers make sure to take in Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. For science buffs, make sure to visit the first planetarium constructed in the Western Hemisphere, Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum is sure to please.

Places People Would Want to Visit in Denver Colorado – While visiting Denver Colorado, make sure to take in all the sights, including The Denver Mint, the single largest producer of coins in the world. Also, make sure to visit the Brown Palace Hotel which has housed celebrities such as Elvis Presley, and the Beatles.

Places to Visit in Lake Providence Louisiana – Lake Providence is a fantastic place to visit, full of rustic charm and delicious food. The Ole Dutch Bakery offers delicious homemade wheat bread, pastries, and other treats. The Panola Pepper Plant, located on the outskirts of town offers tours of facilities, as well as world famous hotsauce.

Places to Visit in San Diego – Beautiful parks, and a wonderful view of the ocean San Diego is a jewel in southern California. Home of Sea World and the Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego is a great place for families or couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Popular Costa Rican Places to Visit – Costa Rica is a tropical paradise enjoyable by the whole family. Enjoy the beaches, the hotsprings, and a chance to watch turtles nest in their natural habitat.

Interesting Places to Visit in Michigan – Michigan, located in the heart of the Great Lakes region, hosts the “Cherry Pie Capital of the World”. Make sure to visit Detroit while your their, the birthplace of Motown and “Automobile Capital”.

Fun Places to Visit Southeast US Coast – The Southeast US Coast contains many attractions. The Kennedy Space Center, The Georgie Music Hall of Fame, and Yorktown, a place filled with both Civil and Revolutionary War history.

Fun Places to Visit in California – California has many fun places to visit, from the theme parks including Disney Land and Universal Studios, to the Redwood Forest. California also has miles and miles of beautiful beaches bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Places to Visit in Indianapolis – Indianapolis has wonderful zoos, parks, and monuments. While your their though, don’t forget to let the little kid out of you and visit the American Super Heroes Museum and see the outfits of the likes of Batman and Superman.

Places to Visit in Utah – Utah has amazing parks, the Bonnevill Salt Flats, and the Wasatch Mountains. Be sure to do a little dinosaur hunting in Price, Utah and enjoy some of the other ancient marvels that the wonderful state of Utah has to offer.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado – While enjoying the mountains of Colorado make sure to visit the Royal Gorge Bridge, the world’s highest suspension bridge. While exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park, try and make the trek to the top of Longs Peak, an elevation of 14,259ft.

Best Places to Visit in Alabama – Alabama is home to some major sites in American History. Visit Montgomery, home of the historical past regarding the civil rights movement, or possibly Mobile, the original home of the Mardi Gras celebration, where the residents have been celebrating it since 1703.

Best Places to Visit in Massachusetts – While in Massachusetts you have many options of places to visit. Salem, home of the witch trials, where you can sit in on a mock trial, and Martha’s Vineyard, home of great examples of New England architecture, and massive cranberry fields, are just some of the places you can visit while exploring this great state.

Odd Places to Visit in Kentucky – If your looking for the supernatural, Kentucky is a great place to go. Full of hauntings, ghost stories, and other spooky things, Kentucky also has something for those not seeking a spook, including the “World’s Largest Skillet.”

Places to Visit in Cancun Mexico – The Coastal City of Cancun Mexico is a vacationers paradise. Full of beautiful sights, a wonderful nightlife, and many historical pieces such as the Mayan Ruins.

Places to Visit in Haiti – Haiti, a former French colony, is the only nation to experience a successful slave rebellion. This island paradise contains many sights to see such as the Cathedrale de Port-au-Prince and Etang Saumatre, a wonderful place to view exotic plants, flowers, and animals.

Places to Visit in Mississippi – Mississippi, home of fine food, entertainment, and breath taking scenery. The Gulf Coast, the Mississippi River, and the chance to ride a paddle wheel steam boat are all great reasons to visit this wonderful state.

Places to Visit in the Great Smokey Mountains – While Visiting the Great Smokey Mountains, and Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Make sure to take a day or two to visit the Dollywood theme park and go on some Outdoor Rafting Adventures on the Pigeon River.

South Florida Places to Visit – South Florida contains some amazing flowers, home to the 8th highest ranked Japanese Flower Gardens outside of Japan. That, along with some of the best fishing, makes South Florida and the Florida Keys great places to visit for anyone looking for some natural beauty.

Top Places to Visit in the US – The United States has some amazing sights to see, both natural and man-made. You can visit the Golden Gate Bridge, or Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast, make sure to take in all the United States has to offer.

Top Places to Visit in Washington State – Containing a varied climate, topography, and geography, Washington State has many sights to be seen. In Western Washington you can enjoy lush greenery and thick forests. On the other side of the Cascade Mountains, you can enjoy the beautiful fields and waves of grain that is Eastern Washington.

Places to Visit in Arkansas – Arkansas contains some breathtaking views and glimpes of history preserved for you to experience today. Authentic log and stone cabins are just some of the sights to take in, also make sure to experience the guided tours of the underground trails of the Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Places to Visit in North Dakota – While in North Dakota make sure to visit some of the cultural, historical, and natural wonders. From the photogenic Red Hills, to the Plains Art Museum, which contains works from Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali as well as traditional Native American art.

Places to Visit in South Carolina – South Carolina is one of the best vacation spots in the United States. From the sandy beaches and wonderful rivers, to the zoos and opera houses, South Carolina is full of fun and entertainment for all.

Places to Visit in Illinois – Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois has some amazing attractions. The Sears Tower in Chicago is a feat of man’s capabilites, New Salem is an important city in our nations history. These and more places are all located in Illinois and all wonderful spots to visit.

Places to Visit in PA – Pennsylvania has a lot to offer, for the more educationally minded, you can visit Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell. If your looking to be a literal “kid in a candy store” visit Hershey, known as “The chocolate capitol of the world” you can visit a theme park dedicated just to america’s favorite treat.

Places to Visit in West Virginia – In West Virginia you can visit the world’s largest teapot, or perhaps visit the famed B&O railroad. You can also see a relic left over from the cold war, The Nuclear Bunker for Congress in White Sulphur Springs. All sorts of sights and places of interested can be found in West Virginia.

Places to Visit in Kentucky – From horses to bluegrass music, you will find so much to do in Kentucky. We have highlighted several places here.

Places To Stay In Dahlonega Georgia – Dahlonega Georgia is somewhere that you should make time for because the people there are filled with southern charm and the scenery is aweosme.

Austin Things To Do –  You will “remember the Alamo” and so much more when you visit Austin.  Check out the exciting country music scene, enjoy the great BBQ, visit historical sites, or just relax in one of Austin’s great parks.

Atlanta Things To Do – Underground Atlanta is the place to go for shopping, dining, and entertaining night-time entertainment. Atlanta is a ‘pet friendly’ city with parks available for your favorite canine.

Boston Things To Do –  Don’t forget your walking shoes when you visit Boston. Walk the Freedom Trail and step back into America’s early history. Museums, theatre, dance, music, and art are all part of cultural happenings to be discovered in Boston.

Baltimore Things To Do – Strike one! Take in a game at Camden Yards and watch the Baltimore Orioles battle it out with a visiting team. After the game enjoy some fine seafood that is caught daily in nearby Chesapeake Bay.

Charlotte Things To Do –   The ‘Old South’ still lives in Charlotte. Visit some of the old plantations still found in the area including the 1815 Rosedale Plantation. Science parks, museums, Carowinds Amusement Park, and all things cultural can be found in Charlotte. With 15,000 available rooms, you will always have a special place to stay.

Chicago Things To Do – Get a birds-eye-view of Chicago and surrounding states when you visit the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Observatory. Back on the ground, discover the cultural, culinary, and playful sides of the Windy City.

Charleston Things To Do –  History buffs will fall in love with Charleston. Take a boat ride to Fort Sumter and see where the Civil War actually started. Then take a horse drawn carriage ride to view some of the old plantations homes that survived the ravages of the War Between the States.

Nashville Things To Do – What would country music be without Nashville? Visit Music Row and go behind the scenes to learn how the music industry really works. Later, return to the Old South by staying in one of the famous Belle Meade area plantation Bed and Breakfasts.

Miami Things To Do – Explore the wild side of the Miami area by taking a few hours, or a few days to tour the Everglades. Learn about the history of the city on an Old Town Trolley tour. Then discover why shopping, culture, and fine dining make Miami so special.

Dallas Things To Do – Water parks are just a part of the fun and excitement in Dallas. Discover the thrill of the Torugas Express and the Riptide Slide at Bahama Beach Water Park. Want more? Let the fish do the swimming for you at the Dallas Aquarium. Walk through a 40’ tunnel where you are surrounded by rays and sharks. Great fun for kids and adults!

Denver Things To Do –  Discover the magic of the Rocky Mountains when you visit Denver. The outdoor activities (skiing, biking, rock climbing,  snowboarding) are only rivaled by the arts (museums, local arts, drawing, painting) in this Mile High City. Sports fans will want to root for the home team when they take in a Denver Bronco’s game.

Fort Lauderdale Things To Do – Tropical breezes and warm sunshine will draw you to one of the many beaches for a day of kites, picnics, and sand castles. Explore the Riverwalk for great local seafood, Italian dining, shopping, and much more!

Las Vegas Things To Do – Las Vegas is more than gambling—much more! This desert city has become an entertainment center featuring shopping, dining, shows, exhibits, art collections, and a host of rollercoaster rides that will thrill the whole family. Be sure to check out the Aria Resort, which is a hotel, but a whole lot more.

Places To Visit In Vermont – Rodeos, powwows, and traditional Native Americans events in Vermont! You bet! Vermont is rich in the history of the first inhabitants of the area with archaeological sites, museums, and heritage centers. Moving forward in time, the small villages in the Northeast Kingdom will show you how life was lived one hundred years. A trip to Montpelier, the state capital of Vermont, will put you in touch with today including shopping, dining, and cultural events.

Places To Visit In Virginia – Festivals of all kinds abound in Virginia. The Neptune Festival is great fun for the whole family. Sporting events, food, music, parade, air show, and fireworks make for an exciting weekend celebration. Surfing competitions, art festivals, and other celebrations help make Virginia an exciting place to visit all year around.

Places To Visit In Texas – Langtry, Texas is where the past and the Space Age meet. Home of Judge Roy Bean, the infamous ‘hanging’ judge who set himself up as the “Law West of the Pecos,” still resonates with the feel of the Old West. But a UFO event in 1955 helped put Langtry on the map of interesting places to visit. Other outstanding destinations include the Forbidden Gardens, the Texas Stadium, and Living Shores.

Places To Visit In Maryland – Parks of all kinds make Maryland an exciting destination for the whole family. Nature lovers will enjoy the forest and beach parks. For those looking for thrills and chills, a visit to the various water parks is a must. Other attractions include wine tasting at famous vineyards, shopping, museums, historical sites, science centers, and aquariums.

Places To Visit In Kentucky – At one point in time, Kentucky was considered the Old West. The Old Talbott Tavern is recognized as the ‘oldest western stagecoach stop in America.’ In the ‘western’ state of Kentucky visit the former stomping grounds of Daniel Boone, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesse James. And don’t forget about the bluegrass history of horse racing, Churchill Downs, and famous racing stables. Other interesting places to visit are the coal mine music, and folk art museums.

Places To Visit In Kentucky Continued –  Kentucky has seventeen state resort parks to visit including Blue Licks Battlefield, Carter Caves, and Cumberland Falls. Experience the wilderness through hiking, fishing, camping, photography, or a simple family picnic. Back in town, tour the Kentucky bourbon distilleries to learn how these ‘spirits’ are made, or attend one of the many fairs and festivals that happen throughout the year.

Places To Visit In Houston – Discover your ‘inner cowboy’ at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Three weeks of roping, riding, and livestock wrestling plus top entertainers in the musical world will keep the whole family entertained. Be sure to attend the Downtown Rodeo Parade, a tradition since 1938. Wash off the arena dust by taking a trip to the Downtown Aquarium where a wide variety of sea creatures will dazzle you with their strange shapes, colors, and antics.

Places To Visit In Idaho – What’s the first thing to come to mind when you think of Idaho? Potatoes of course! But there is so much more to Idaho including history, beautiful scenery, and fun!  One unique part of Idaho’s history is the ghost towns. Often associated with mines, the town and mines are open for visitors to explore. National parks to theme parks abound in Idaho as well as museums, vineyards, and numerous outdoor activities.

Places To Visit In Philadelphia – The history of political independence in America can be found in Philadelphia. Visit Independence National Historic Park to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The homes of famous Americans such as Betsy Ross and Edgar Allan Poe are open to visitors. Museums of all subjects abound in Philadelphia. On the lighter side, Philadelphia is a city filled with fine dining, shopping, shows, cultural and entertainment events.

Places To Visit In NYC – Come to the ‘Big Apple’ for fun, excitement, entertainment, and historic places to visit. A tour of New York Harbor will provide you with a view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Island. For the lovers of art and culture there are famous museums, dance theatres, and plays on Broadway. For a breath of fresh air, take a stroll or carriage ride through Central Park. There is always fine dining, extensive shopping, and world-class entertainment to be found in New York City.

Places To Visit In Quebec – Looking for a little romance in your life? Find it in the remoteness of ‘the other Canada.’  Unwind on a canoe trip in the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve. Enjoy swimming during the day and campfires at night. For those looking for a little more adventure try a white water river-rafting trip. Stay in a rustic cabin or sleep under the stars. Romantic wilderness adventures await you in Quebec all through the year.

Honolulu Things To Do   There is so much to see and do in Honolulu. Art lovers will be in paradise when they visit the Visual Arts Center with over 50,000 works of art. The Iolani Palace has ancient crown jewels, clothing, and ceremonial objects that once belonged to royalty. Outdoor lovers will want to explore Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, and Kapiolani Park.

Places To Visit In Panama – Panama is a country of history, beautiful beaches, mountains, and the Panama Canal. Visit the Panama Canal, one of the largest engineering projects ever completed. Watch the ships as they move between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Experience Panama City with its wildlife parks, extensive shopping opportunities, five-star hotels, casinos, nightclubs, and so much more.

Places To Visit In Guatemala – This Central American country has something for everyone. Visit Antigua for a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of old world history. Explore mansions, monasteries, and churches built for the Spanish Empire by the Mayans. At night, enjoy an interesting variety of cuisines and nightlife. Other places to visit include face-paced Guatemala City with cinemas, museums, restaurants, and shopping; and small towns or villages featuring the traditional ways of life.


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