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Giving away free product is a great way to build your brand, right?

Unilever, the company that makes things like Lipton soup and Suave shampoo also makes ice cream and figured it would use some of it to get customers to smile—literally. It worked with the high-tech marketing company SapientNitro in Londonto make a vending machine called “Share Happy” that uses facial recognition to give people ice cream bars for smiling.

They even designed the box so people can upload their smiling mugs to Facebook, pushing the brand even farther out into the consumer space. When the machine debuted in Lisbon last year, it vended 52,000 ice cream bars in two days with no media support or advertising. That’s about 600 percent more than a regular ice cream machine.

Facial recognition

The award-winning box is now on world tour doling out brand recognition as it goes.

“Facial Recognition is being used not only on experiential campaigns but even on digital signage,” says Rob Gonda, global head of emerging technology and innovation for SapientNitro. “For instance, a lot of our installations…detect things like gender, age bracket and start serving more targeted advertising on digital signage and digital displays.”

What’s different today compared to a few years ago, Gonda says, is brands have to be situationally aware and contextually relevant.

“We have evolved from broadcasting messages to [delivering] more digitally precise messages. But actually understanding the context of the situation or the conversation…increases the likelihood of better engagement [between] brands [and] people,” he says.

Gonda says SapientNitro is currently working on interactive displays for retail spaces that use a mashup of rear-projected video, touch, gesture recognition and facial recognition.

And SapientNitro is far from the only company doing it.

According to The Los Angeles Times, The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is using facial recognition to tailor restaurant and entertainment ads for passersby and big brands likeAdidas are installing and testing digital walls with facial recognition in a handful of stores to display age-appropriate shoes to customers.





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