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gift1-Best Friend Bracelets
We love this grown-up version of the classic friendship bracelet, and this set is almost as unique as your bond. Best part? You get a gift, too!

Best Friend Bracelets from, $48


2-Photos to Art Portrait
Have a great snap of you two that deserves a little extra attention? Turn it into wall art. Upload a photo to and they’ll print it on a high-quality canvas. When she hangs it in her house, she’ll have a reminder of a fab time, and her amazing, thoughtful friend (that’d be you.)

Photos to Art from, starting at $29.99

3-When Kids Say The Darnedest Things
If you know a mom who has a kid full of one-liners and hilarious zingers (who doesn’t?!), get her a Quotable Kid journal. It’s one of the only gifts that can serve as a lasting memory that her kid wants to be a Dolphin-asaurus Fireman when he grows up.

Quotable Kid Journal, $14.95 at


4-Get Puzzled
So your friend’s obsessed with Sudoku? Don’t call her a nerd, get her the perfect gift—this marble game will give her brain a heckuva workout and even looks pretty on the coffee table. (Skip it if she has a baby or toddler; the marbles are a choking hazard.)

ColorKu, $34.99 at

5-Stamp This!
If her cookies are the bomb, she’ll love trade marking them with her own “Home Made” cookie stamper. Take that, packaged Chips Ahoy!

“Home Made” Cookie Stamper, $20 at

6-Happy Feet
Everyone loves foot massages, but if she doesn’t have time to spend at the spa, she’ll be tickled by this tiny foot spa kit, complete with pumice stones and a nail brush, all in a cute little fabric box. Just tie a bow around it, and your gift is good to go.

Spa Kit, $20 at


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