Great Part-time Businesses

<img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-1265″ src=”×248.jpg” alt=”great business ideas” width=”300″ height=”248″ />When you have decided on your business, check state and local requirements for licenses, permits and make arrangements for start-up supplies. You will probably need business cards, a ledger and a rubber stamp with your company name and address. Although your beginning supplies should be adequate, they need not be fancy or expensive. Don’t stock up too much as you will probably need to make adjustments as you learn the needs of your market. It is always a good idea to:

– write out your business plan – an outline of what you intend to do and how you plan to go about it.

– List what you will buy from whom, how much it costs, where it will be stored, how you will advertise, what price you will charge, your gross and estimated net profits and when you will re-order.

Include everything you can think of that your business will involve. The action will “force” you to organize your business (in your mind as well as on paper) and greatly increase your chances for profit and success.

In this (or any other) business, give careful thought to your capabilities and your potential market. Select something that you already know (or like and are willing to learn) and will stick to – that people in your area will pay for. Your product or service should be priced competitively, but at the level to yield a fair profit. This motivates customers to buy and you to work even harder!

1. PILLOWS. Make and decorate designer, fancy, or “down home” pillows. Sell to boutiques, fairs, through party plans, sales catalogs and advertisements. Offer a variety of sizes, shapes and covers. Do custom work for client’s decor.

2. PLANT SCULPTURE. A profitable specialty: braid trunks, shape into interesting forms. Trim, bend, graft, to create valuable sculptures that bring premium prices. Use pictures in your ads; sell each plant as an individual creation.

3. PRODUCT REPACKAGING. Buy bulk products (nails, beans, vinegar) by the ton or barrel. Re-package into neatly labeled packets, pints or boxes a sell for much more. Check with a local attorney on any restrictive laws in your community.

4. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY. Take flattering, descriptive pictures of merchandise, clothing and satisfied customers for advertisements, catalogs and brochures. Send sample brochures to prospective manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

5. PRODUCT REPACKAGING. Buy bulk products (nails, paint thinner, beans, vinegar) by the ton or barrel. Purchase and re-package into neat (and full) packets, pints, boxes. Consider using your own label (with legal advice) on containers.

6. PROOFREADING. Review manuscripts and printed copy and advertisements for accuracy and grammar. Get considerably more to review for content quality and technical accuracy. Work with editors, writers, publishers and educators.

7. PROPERTY PORTFOLIOS. Prepare photograph and property description folders. Make up folios for private parties (to make sure their property is shown in the best possible light), and for real estate companies to use in sales presentations.

8. RE-UPHOLSTERY SERVICE. Recover overstuffed chairs and sofas for clients in your shop (sell fabrics). Buy good furniture that needs recovering cheap at auctions to re-upholster and resell at a nice profit. Take trade-ins to re-do.

9. YARD CLEAN-UP. Contract with homeowners, Realtors and rental agents to clean up yards after winter, evictions, storms. Mow, remove debris, water, replant, fertilize. Use periodic ads in the paper, especially after winter or stormy weather.

10- TOY MANUFACTURING. Create, manufacture and market unique toys that you can make in your shop possibly made in part by a “partner” seamstress. Market to local stores, catalog sales houses or by mail. Go to and have your own booth at fairs.

11. WRITE FOR CHILDREN. Write poems, Sunday school stories, puzzle explanations, riddles, etc. for children. Sell to local papers, children’s book publishers or in your own booklets. Check Writer’s Guide in Library for more information!

12. GAG WRITING. Specialize in one liners and short funny situations. Sketch your ideas, list each on a separate card and file by subject matter. Offer your collection to cartoonists or comics. Get their addresses from Writer’s Guide in the library.

13 – SCHOOL DESK SALES. Buy old school desks at sales and closed rural schools. Refurbish and decorate into nostalgic furniture, plant stands and children’s furniture. Sell restored items individually, wholesale to stores or finish to order.

14 – PROMOTIONS. Organize community and commercial promotions: order bumper stickers, posters; arrange for news releases, interviews, photo sessions. Plan agenda, schedule workers, coordinate events for a fee or percentage of profits.

15 – PEN PAL SERVICE. Advertise in both home and overseas publications for correspondees. Charge for addresses or for a subscription to your club news with paid advertisements placed by those seeking penpals. Sell names to mailing list brokers.



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