Great Ways to Start Your Day

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Good dayAh, the morning ritual. So many people use the morning in a utilitarian manner. It may start with bathroom time, or getting the family ready for another day, or making decisions about what to wear, and then it’s out the door for the rush-hour commute. If you plan well, you might even squeeze in a little coffee or breakfast and perhaps a glance at the news.


Morning for these people is a time for meeting basic needs, and not one for considering their state of mind. Yet how you think and feel in the morning can impact your entire day of productivity and interaction.

At least once a week you should step beyond the necessary and consider starting your day…

1. With power

The day can’t go well if you feel weak and passive. Take five focused minutes and get in touch with your inner strength. Try repeating affirmations so you feel secure and empowered to attack the day aggressively.

2. With anticipation

The day will be off to a poor start if a feeling of dread washes over you when you open your eyes. Make a list the night before of all the great things you are looking forward to in your life. Read the list before bed and read it again when you wake up. Choose the actions you will take today and look forward to getting started.

3. With inspiration

Whether or not you are religious, nearly all humans have a spiritual sense. Take some time to meditate or pray. Appreciate the marvels of the world and humanity. Contemplate the ways you positively impact the people around you and consider ways you will make the world a better place today.

4. With humor

Set a bright tone to the day by starting with a smile or even a chuckle. Looking for a little bathroom reading? Try a book of jokes or your favorite humorist. Laughter releases endorphins and will enhance your mood for the rest of the day. It’s even better if you share a joke or two with the first people you see that day.

5. With gratitude

There is a certain contentment that settles in when you start the day counting yourblessings. Think about the people who are helping make your life wonderful. Make a list of the people you will thank today so you can start your day with a warm and grateful heart.



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