Innovative Online Fashion store

<strong>Innovative Online Fashion store:

I have a business plan of selling Fashion products using an Innovative & Trendy way through online contests.

Unique features (comparing to penny auction sites) :
* Only 30 people (30 purchases, precisely) per contest.
* No bidding, just buying the product by paying full cash.
* Once the contest is over, 6 winners will be selected. First one will receive free product, 2nd – 50% discount, 3rd 40%……6th 10% discount. Discount amount will be transferred to their shop account and can use it for future purchases.
* Other 24 people can order the particular product they bought in contest or they can buy any other item listed in the online store.
* Have to bid just one time and sit back.

Projected Numbers:
* 40 contests per day in 4 categories.
* 800$ turnover per contest, approx.

I would like to have a partner with following people
* Website design and management
* Graphic designers
* Online marketing




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