Invention ideas: Turnon Multi Functional Spinning Wall

<img class=” wp-image-1340 aligncenter” src=”×161.jpg” alt=”spinning-wall-turn-on” width=”505″ height=”271″ />Conserving space is very much a must for those living in small apartments or flats, where space is few and far between. Therefore it is imperative to take advantage of the space you do have, and create an illusion of having more space than you actually do. Many use subtle colours on their walls, or mirror effects to achieve this illusion, but a practical solution has only entered the scene recently, in the form of the TurnOn Multi-Functional Spinning Wall. The Wall is essentially a room which makes use of the ceiling also – allowing for additional space and room. In order to feel the new dimension of space you climb into the hamster-like wheel and then roll it you’re your desired position.

The Wall can be used as a table for two or as a place to lounge – combining two pieces of furniture into one. For those of us keen to conserve space, and limit the amount of furniture in any one room, then the Wall does conserve space, though does look a little futuristic and bizarre, which might take some getting used to. If you don’t enjoy the wheel for a practical reason, you can always use it to roll around the room upside down for a while.


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