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Stanley’s Pharmacy


31 Ludlow St., Manhattan

What it is: A new spin on the old-fashioned pharmacy.

Why it’s cool: While pharmacies of days gone by sold egg creams and banana splits, Stanley’s Pharmacy is one part drug store and one part juice bar. Pharmacist Stanley George’s throwback wellness shop can whip up infused teas, herbal remedies, and artisanal sodas made with organic fruits and sugars, all while filling your prescription.



89 Christopher St., Manhattan

What it is: A Scandinavian candy shop.

Why it’s cool: For many Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian people, candy has a sweet significance. They may have grown up with the tradition of Lördagsgodis, in which they run to the store on Saturday mornings to pick out a sugary indulgence — considered a highlight of the week.

Sockerbit shoppers can take part, too, by stopping in and choosing from more than 140 types of “smågodis,” which translates to little candies. Licorice, marshmallows, chocolates, and wrapped candies like Saffranskola and Fazermint are always in stock.

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

514 Union St., Brooklyn

What it is: A walk-in shuffleboard club

Why it’s cool: Stepping into the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is like entering a 1950s Floridian resort, complete with teal walls, umbrella drinks, cabanas instead of booths, and rows upon rows of shuffleboard lanes.

Guests can rent courts for $40 per hour on a first-come, first-served basis.


Visit their website for stops in New York

What it is: A clothing boutique in a truck.

Why it’s cool: The successor to the food truck phenomenon has arrived: the fashion truck.

Fashionista Jessie Goldenberg hit the road in 2013, driving a 120-square-foot retrofitted delivery truck named Nomad. It’s packed with Goldenberg’s handpicked selection of funky and boho-chic women’s fashion and locally sourced jewelry.


129 Grand St., Manhattan

What it is: A makeup bar perfect for busy, working women.

Why it’s cool: The blow-dry bar for the face, Pucker offers professional makeup application without the sales pitch or pressure to buy the makeup. For $35 to $50, a team led by renowned market artist Julio Sandino will bring out your inner CoverGirl using Pucker’s exclusive signature makeup line.

The bar’s lower level has a selfie booth (rigged with good lighting), a private dressing room, and storage lockers to stash your stuff before your big night out.

Twisted Lily


360 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn

What it is: A hand-blended perfumes and cologne boutique.

Why it’s cool: Twisted Lily curates small-batch, artisanal perfumes and colognes that you can’t find in big box stores. Its scents range from a fresh coriander-infused perfume from Brooklyn-based D.S. & Durga to the Opus II from French parfumerie Amouage, which, with notes of absinthe and cedarwood, is meant to evoke thoughts of a library.



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