In this new Internet age of social networking community sites, social networks and apps such as Facebook and Whatapps are changing the way we interact with the other online users, particularly among teens who are avid users of these sites. There’s huge potential to take in social networking and marketing. The proliferation of social sharing amongst users is proving to be a highly valuable target for marketers.

meshtennisTake the example of Facebook, which has earned more than one billion unique sign-ups across the globe since its inception. While it does not demand users to pay a subscription fee, it does require them to share their personal information online and develop a certain amount of trust in the service before signing up. It was not able to achieve this without sharing an engaging narrative with potential users, however, or using other techniques to gain the interest of its audience. The site was available to private users prior to being opened to everyone, for example, which created huge levels of anticipation and encouraged individuals to find out more.

Not to be outdone, entrepreneurs worldwide are launching new social networking sites targeted at different niches in the market.

  • If you enjoy sports, Mesh Tennis may be for you. Mesh Tennis (pictured above) is a new social networking site which aims to connect tennis players online. On the website, you can search for other tennis players of their own skill level, in their own area. You can also record scores and matches, review tennis gear, schedule tennis events and read the latest tennis news. Joining a competition? Groups can be formed for club teams, school teams or doubles.
  • Spout is the first online film community focused on connecting film lovers with great films and the people who have something to say about them. Likened to a MySpace for film buffs, the site allows members to search for, organize, recommend and buy their favorite films, as well as interact with each other via an agile and easy-to-use online interface.
  • Another prominent and successful example can be found in mobile casino gaming, where brands use sites initial previews to engage players through aggressive promotions such as online progressive jackpots and welcome packages. Most brands are also intelligent enough to promote the benefits of flexible, 24/7 gameplay too, as this sits well with the contemporary gaming mind-set and the need for tailored experiences to be shared socially among gamers.
  • Need a place to show off your art pieces? Try STUART. STUART (“Student Art”) aims to connect busy art collectors with students who need help finding an audience for their talents. Students create profiles and upload their art, and can then chat online, giving each other feedback and of course, network with art collectors around the world.
  • Yes, there’s a place for car fanatics to hang out as well. Boompa is a new social network focused on connecting car fanatics together online. Users can enter information on cars they own, or want to own. Other users can tag and comment the vehicle, and contact the owner and/or add him or her as a friend. Great place to find other MINI Cooper lovers.


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