Start an English Immersion Program in the US for Foreigners

I came up with this Business idea well traveling to japan to visit a Friend, who is now my partner in this business. Well there i was watching him teach English and practicing his Japanese. I was very intrigued by this and how much fun he was having! So i started thinking, ‘How come there isn’t a place that teaches English and brings people back to the US to be emerged in our culture and have to practice their English?’


When i brought this idea up to my friend he was speechless! We began browsing the web to see if there is anything like it already. We found nothing of the sort. I was in Japan for 2 weeks with no prior knowledge about the culture or how to communicate. After my first week I caught on quite fast to the language and learned a lot about the culture.

I’m 21 years of age and i have no prior education in Business. About 2 years ago i opened up a Hot Dog stand (Senor Bobs Hot Dogs ) in beautiful Sedona, AZ. I did have the pleasure of growing up out here and very grateful for it! With owning this business i know everybody in this town so it was an easy jump off point toasking questions about Hotels, Restaurants, Jeep tours etc. I came up with a solid agenda with a resort out here where my other business is located .
Starting this business just took a lot of dedication and not accepting ‘No’ for an answer. I leave The First of January to Really get this all started and going . My expenses are minimal. Starting off with plane ticket, website, Advertising, and all the books and videos on Sedona was approximately  $730.” – Thanks to up-and-coming entrepreneur Christopher Nimtz



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