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With zero funds, I started what’s now the most rewarding career for myself selling customized care packages online. The primary reason I needed no monies to start is that I developed my own website using a free template-based software (back when their sites didn’t include advertising to “free” memberships). I then started a word-of-mouth chain of events by contacting “friends & family” via email – then through social marketing like Facebook and Twitter.

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My other FREE form of advertising is having “Mommy bloggers” review my service on their oh-so-popular blogs. I started my home business, Personalized Parcels, for two reasons. Firstly, I love sending care packages to people. I always have. My first memories of doing this go back to mailing a special package off to my friend from summer camp when we were back home. I wanted her to know how important she was to me, so I put together some of her favorite snacks, a book I thought she’d like, a photo of us together at camp, a small bottle of a perfume I thought she’d like, etc. Her reaction was priceless! She still mentions it every once in a while. No doubt we’re still in touch today because of meaningful gestures like her “personalized parcel.”

Secondly, I kept reading about and hearing about great new business ideas and e-commerce websites doing well with simple little ideas based on individual’s talents and ingenuity. I thought to myself – What do I like to do that I can turn into a home-based business? When I was pregnant and working full-time, I realized it was “time” to start my own business part-time in order to grow it at home while caring for my newborn baby.

Putting parcels together for my clients is so much fun for me. Some clients know exactly what they want and others want lots of ideas from me. Either way, it’s a true pleasure to put together customized care packages – knowing that the people on the other end of them will undoubtedly have a big smile on their face when they realize the special thought someone else put in for them to receive their gift!

I start with the person’s likes and hobbies – and, of course, the “occasion.” It might be a college student who needs some homemade treats. It might be a spouse who needs being reminded how special they are. It might be a corporate client needing “just the right gift” for a prospective customer.

I work with my client – coming up with ideas on what to include – and the two of us collaborate on the parcel until we think it’s ideal for the recipient. I email a photo of the parcel contents to my clients when parcels ship so they see exactly what their recipients are opening up when they receive their package. Most parcels typically include items like music, magazines, specialty food items like teas and candy, personal care products, books, stationery, etc. I’ve even made homemade cookies for some clients.

Special items might include a customized gift like a handmade ornament with a photograph of a house on the front signifying a new home purchase. In fact, I did this recently for a wife who was thanking her husband for helping her family get into their dream house. What fun!” – Thanks to Dez Stephens, founder of Personalized Parcels



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