The 20 Best Selling Products Online

Here is a ranking featuring The 20 Best Selling Products Online!According to statistics from Forrester Research analyzing the best selling products online, based on sales levels for 2014, products under the categories of Software, Books, Music and Flowers are on the top of the ranking, with annual sales of $37.05 billion. Next in line, we have Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics and Office Supplies, with $22.8 billion annual sales.

1- Gift cards and gift certificates
2- Movie tickets
3- Office supplies
4-Event tickets
5- Flowers and cards
6- Appliances and tools
7- Sporting goods and apparel
8- Toys and video games
9- Computer hardware, software, and peripherals
10- Food, beverages, and groceries
11- Jewelry
12- Music and videos
13- Cosmetics and fragrances
14- Apparel, accessories, and footwear
15- Autos and auto parts
16- Books
17- Pet supplies
18- Consumer Electronics
19-Home furnishings
20- Baby products


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