The 5 coolest new businesses in Chicago

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EL Ideas



What it is: A micro restaurant that serves fewer than 20 people each night.

Why it’s cool: Dining at EL Ideas is an interactive experience, with each of the dishes explained by the chef and his small staff. Dinner runs about $145 a person and starts at the same time, with the same menu, for each guest, as if they’re all dining together. The menu changes regularly, but it might feature dishes such as wagyu beef made with sake and maitake mushrooms or duck made with limequat, turnip, and chocolate.

Berrista Coffee


What it is: A café that uses the “miracle berry” — a food supplement that makes sour foods taste sweet — in its coffee and pastries.

Why it’s cool: When you order at Berrista Coffee, your food comes with a small red “miracle berry,” a fruit that temporarily makes sour food taste sweet. This eliminates the need for sugar or other artificial sweeteners. In addition to serving coffee, Berrista also serves delicious donuts, pastries, and savory treats — most of which are made without sugar.


Online, based in Ny and Dallas

What it is: An online specialty food shopping community.

Why it’s cool: Artisanal foods ordered online and delivered to your door — that’s Artizone. The clever, convenient service offers a curated collection of the very best artisans in your area. This unique portal provides aggregated access to authentic, handcrafted food items from the finest purveyors that have carefully curated high-quality products.





What it is: A gallery and store that combines art and carpentry.

Why it’s cool: Floyd Davis is a skilled carpenter who started Artpentry (the name combines the words “art” and “carpentry”) as a place to showcase and sell his creative works, and the works of other independent, local artists. Also a space devoted to sound and music, Artpentry is best known for the Gentleman’s Boombox, a collection of vintage trunks and suitcases converted into functional music players.

Au Cheval


What it is: A restaurant full of European-inspired diner food.

Why it’s cool: Au Cheval’s not your typical diner, with dishes like a fried bologna sandwich, duck-heart hash, and a pork porterhouse. But like a regular diner they serve burgers, and they are excellent. Au Cheval has more than 30 international beers on tap to go with its Euro theme.



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