The 8 Best Countries to Start a Business

Starting a business isn’t ever easy, but knowing the right location can help immensely. The United States is one of the best places to launch a company, but the steep tax rates and complicated paperwork can make the process difficult. If you’re looking to get your business started with as little issues as possible, consider moving it outside of the United States. Here is a current list of some of the best countries for your venture:

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1. New Zealand

New Zealand makes the top of the list for good reason. It takes just one day to start a business here, as opposed to several weeks or months in other countries. Furthermore, most of the information needed for starting a business is online and easily accessible. It’s also been ranked one of the easiest countries for daily businesses processes, which means you can get your business established and then get back to hunting or whatever recreational activity you enjoy.

2. Australia

Australia isn’t far behind New Zealand with just two days required to get a business going. The registration fee has also been lowered recently, making it easier than ever to cut through the red tape and paperwork.

3. Canada

A typical business venture in Canada takes just one form and a matter of days for approval. The application is online, and once it’s filled out, it takes a maximum of five days to receive the business number. Canada is also taking steps to improve business processing in other countries, by working closely with Peru’s business system.

4. Singapore

It takes approximately three days to start a business in Singapore if you rush, but it does require a few more steps, including making a company seal and filling out the online application. Still, ease of business once established is rated number one in the world.

5. Macedonia

Macedonia is currently working in several of its business sectors to make it easier than ever on startups. These measures include expediting construction permits, accessing credit, and registering the property.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong likes to see new businesses emerge because they help the economy. To help move the process along, Hong Kong officials are working to reform regulations and the minimum capital needed to get a business going.

7. Belarus

In just one year, Belarus jumped from the bottom of the business totem pole to the top. Though keeping a business running after establishment requires a bit more work, Belarus has made significant improvements, and it takes only five days and requires no startup fees to get started.

8. Ireland

Ireland is not only known for it’s lush beauty and natural history, but also for it’s entrepreneur-friendly processing. Once the founder has sworn to comply with all relevant laws and filled out an application, the business is good to go.

While the United States might seem like your best option for opening a business, consider the alternatives. From New Zealand to Ireland, your options are truly endless. Where will you open your next venture?



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