The Best Android Apps of 2015

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Look at your Android phone and/or tablet. Has it started to seem just a little too familiar, too predictable? Have you been tempted by the siren song of iOS 8 after the slew of announcements at WWDC? Stay strong, my friends, and behold our list of the 100 best Android apps on Google Play. Everything you need to spruce up your phone and/or tablet and re-ignite your love affair with Android can be found within.

Oh My Gosh, That Is So Many Pages
It would be foolhardy to think that anyone could possibly look upon the perfect majesty of these apps at once and not be struck blind. But if you like toying with fate you can click through the massive slide show.

To safely convey these 100 best apps, we’ve broken the story into pages, each carefully categorized. That way, you can avoid the sections you don’t want and jump to the ones that you really want to see. Also, if you’re interested in more Android games (be honest, you are) check out our list of The 10 Best Android Games. You’re welcome!

Communication and Social

Plain ol’ SMS and voice calls just don’t cut it anymore. These apps help you keep in touch with the most important people in your life, all from your handy Android.



Google Talk is dead, long live Google Hangouts! This app can not only send instant messages to other Google users, but it can also do video chatting for free. Users lucky enough to have Android 4.4 can also use it manage their SMS messages, and Google+ users can enjoy video conference calls with up to 12 participants.



Viber distinguishes itself from other free voice and texting apps by adding your computer as a communication device. From your Android, you can seamlessly transfer a voice call to the Viber PC app and keep talking, or pick up a text message conversation already in progress. With a growing list of fans, Viber is well positioned to make talking and texting a little easier (and cheaper).



If you’re worried about the NSA or anyone else peeking at your text messages, consider TextSecure. Messages sent to other TextSecure users are encrypted over the air, but the app will also encrypt all of your text messages when they’re at rest on your phone to keep them away from prying eyes. We first reviewed the app when it was in Beta, but it’s since had a full version release and is ready for prime time.



The companion to TextSecure, this handy app lets you make encrypted calls over the developer’s secure VoIP network to other TextSecure users. I particularly like that it works with your existing dialer and phone number, alerting you when another RedPhone user is on the line and the call can be encrypted. If all those PRISM and NSA headlines have you worried, be sure to give this app a try.



Sometimes the most secure message is one that simply doesn’t exist. That’s the thinking behind Wickr, a fully encrypted, secure messaging service that even handles media messages. The twist is that you set a lifespan for each message, ensuring that your private messages stay private. And, if you doubt their security chops, here’s what the company’s founder told the FBI when theysked for a backdoor. a


Those addicted to the big blue social network can now stay connected at all times thanks to the Facebook Android app. You can use it to browse the entirety of Facebook and chat with other users, and you can also access all the settings available on the website. It’s a brilliant mobile adaptation of a sprawling service.


This unique app is for those dangerous situations when you need to quickly (and discreetly) get help from your friends. Two quick taps sends one of three pre-written text messages to as many as six of your contacts. One message sends your GPS location and a request to be picked up, while another asks your friends to quickly get in touch with you. The app also includes links to the RAINN and Love is Respect hotlines.



Sure, there are plenty of ways to fire off a 140-character Tweet, but users looking for more control should consider Plume. This powerful Android Twitter client lets you change all sorts of settings, right down to the LED color used to alert you of a message. My favorite feature is muting, which lets you suppress users, and even specific words, from your timeline.


Tumblr has grown in leaps and bounds since it first came onto the scene, letting users quickly share their creations and discoveries and—most importantly—re-blog things they find on Tumblr. The blogging platform’s slick new Android app shows just how far it’s come with a great new interface.


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