The Gourmet Giving franchise

<a href=””>Gourmet Giving FranchiseThe Gourmet Giving franchise helps any size business support its favorite charity at no cost to itself. It’s a win-win for everyone, including you!
Opportunities: Franchise opportunities available throughout the United States.

Business Type: Franchise.
Minimum Cash Required: $9,500.
Financing Assistance: Yes, through a third party.
Training Provided: Yes.
Home-based: Yes.

The Gourmet Giving franchise helps any size business support its favorite charity without it costing that business any money. The franchisee sets up a Robotic Barista at the business (called a Host) without any cost or obligation. Once in place, the Robotic Barista produces the finest full 10oz “made from scratch” gourmet coffee beverages available anywhere. These gourmet beverages are then purchased by people frequenting the Host location. These people could be employees, customers, visitors, clients, staff, etc.

The beverages typically sell for $2.00 which is usually less than half of what they would sell for at a retail coffee house. These sales generate cash revenues which are managed by the franchisee. The franchisee then donates a full 20% of the gross revenue to the charity chosen by the Host. The donations are made monthly. The franchisee puts the Host’s name on the check and includes a letter to the charity explaining that the donation was made possible by the Host location. The charity then recognizes the Host, who in turn gets the emotional satisfaction of supporting their own favorite charity. And again, all of this is accomplished with at no expense to the Host.

Key advantages

All investment levels are for complete packages that include everything needed to start your franchise on day 1 and then operate for up to 30 days. The franchisee does not spend any additional money until after they have already made money from their system. This is a cash business. This is a one-of-a-kind service that allows a Host location to support its favorite charity without spending its own money to do so. All beverages are “made from scratch” at the time of selection. Robotic Barista systems are self-contained, do not need a water line and only require an electrical outlet. This allows them to be placed almost anywhere.

All systems come with a full 12-month unlimited warranty, with extended warranties available. Dry additives for the systems are purchased from the franchisor to ensure the same high quality beverages throughout the Gourmet Giving network. The cost for these additives from the franchisor is guaranteed not to increase for 36 months. If a system is not performing at a particular Host location to the level required by the franchisee it can be easily moved. The beverages are truly “made from scratch,” with the coffee beans being burr-ground and French-pressed, with the additives being steamed at the time of each individual selection. The selling price of each beverage is at least half of typical retail. Low investment. High ROI. Complete and ongoing support.

Superb training and support

We go to the franchisee! Complete and thorough training is provided. Every page of both the System Operations Manual and the Gourmet Giving Manual is reviewed, completed and signed off on. Training is provided at the franchisee location when they take delivery of their systems package. The amount of training time offered is from 7 to 14 hours depending on the needs of the franchisee.


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