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<strong>20 “Original” Ideas For A Website Theme
1-Retro Website: Create a retro site with scrolling marquees, snowflakes falling and mouse trails.

2-Photo Bombing Blog: Take pics of you photo bombing and blog about it.

3-Stop Motion Blog: Dedicate a blog on stop motion photography, and objects dancing to Gangnam Style.

4-Gold Digger Website: Make a site about how to gold dig, and mislead the opposite sex and get rich.

5-Cake Pop Site: Make cake pop designs and sell your cook-book online.

6-Highly Debatable Website: Create a site that always takes the other side, and play the devil’s advocate.

7-Color Blind website: A site that tests your color blindness.

8-Advertisement Site: Sell space on your site just to advertise. I don’t suggest this though, by itself.

9-Meditation website: Where you have your own meditation podcast and a blog on tips to a better mind.

10-The Nothing Website: Make a site about nothing and just leave it blank.

11-Choose your destiny Blog: Create a blog where you give the reader different paths at the end of each page. A different outcome every time they play and read!

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12-News Website: Capture the latest news first, and share with social media sites! Gain traffic and become a journalist on your own.

13-Star Gazing Website: Offer your galactic advice on the stars and universe through photos and a blog.

14-Quotes Website: Create original and inspirational quotes, and share on social media networks.

15-Family Tree Site: Make your family tree and share with your whole family.

16-Holiday Website: Create a site for all the holidays and sell eCards during those seasons.

17-Celebrity Site: Dedicate a blog on a certain celebrity and stalk them online. Follow their every move and blog about it. Gain many followers.

18-Educational Sites For Kids: Create an E-Learning site for kids.

19-Niche Site: Choose a focused topic and only write about that everyday. This is what this site is!

20- Game Development Blog: Create a blog on making games and the development process. Get followers and loyal fans.


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